CR C&R 2.4 - Identify criteria, process and funding options to refresh neighborhood and community parks.

Lincoln Center - Total Cumulative Participation

In Q2 2021, The Lincoln Center held 94 event room days with approximately 4372 participants.

Museum of Discovery - Total Cumulative Participation

In Q2 2021, the museum hosted 12,841 guest onsite. The museum hosted Open Stage: Tiny beautiful Things production in the museum's Big Backyard for three consecutive weekends in May and June. Museum floor programming returned with the opening of "Life in One Cubic Foot."

Golf Courses - Total Cumulative Participation

This is a quarterly measure.

Rounds played through the 2nd quarter of 2021 exceeded the target of 30,500 rounds played. Golf continues to be popular when the weather is nice, and we have seen sustained interest after the increases in 2020.

Recreation Programs - Number of enrollments on opening day registration