ENV ENV 4.3 - Enhance efforts to achieve 2030 zero waste goals.

% of citizens responding very good/good to the City's performance in - Encouraging sustainability in the community
  • This is an annual metric and is displaying 2019 data.  The survey was not done in 2020, so that year has been removed from the chart.
  • This metric identifies the percent of "very good" and "good" responses to the question in the community survey about the City's performance in encouraging sustainability in the community.
  • This metric closely corresponds to ENV 141, participants in sustainability education provided by the City, which will be available in Q2 of 2020.
  • Encouraging sustainability in the community is included in the work of many departments across the City, including Environmental Services, Social Sustainability, Economic Health, FC Moves, Neighborhood Services, Utilities Resource Conservation, and Utilities Community Engagement. 
Cumulative number of people receiving sustainability education
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