ENV ENV 4.5. - Protect and enhance natural resources on City-owned properties and throughout the community.

Annual energy efficiency and conservation program savings (% of community electricity use)

  • This is an annual metric, reflecting preliminary 2021 data.  Final results will be available by the end of April. 
  • Preliminary results from the 2021 portfolio savings from all energy programs was over 45,000 megawatt-hours, equivalent to approximately 3% of the community electricity use. 
Community Percentage of Renewable Energy

  • This metric is updated annually with preliminary data from 2021.  Finalization of the results is pending additional data from Platte River Power Authority and will be available by the end of April 
  • 2021 values are significantly higher with the new wind and solar resources which came on line from Platte River and additional local distributed solar. 
  • The percentage of community electricity from renewable energy was 45.9% in 2020 and is preliminarily at 52% in 2021.