ENV ENV 4.6 - Sustain and improve the health of the Cache la Poudre River and all watersheds.

Community Solid Waste Landfilled per Capita per Day (in lbs.)

  • This is an annual metric and currently reflects 2020 data.
  • This metric measures the amount of material landfilled from all sectors of the community, divided by the population. It measures progress toward overall reduction of material landfilled.
  • The community Material Landfilled per Capita per Day increased from 5.23 lbs in 2019 to 6.59 lbs in 2020, reflecting the increased material landfilled in 2020.
  • This is driven largely by the increase in industrial material landfilled.
  • COVID-19 had a significant impact on the amount of material that went to the landfill.

Community solid waste diversion rate

  • This is an annual metric and reflects 2020 data.
  • Diversion rate is the percent of material recycled and composted out of all the material generated (landfilled, recycled, and composted).
  • This target is based on the Road to Zero Waste goal of no waste landfilled by 2030, and so is an aggressive target. Target is currently held steady as single use materials overall should be decreasing, and target is currently being reassessed. 

Tons of community recycled or composted materials, including cardboard

  • This is an annual metric and reflects 2020 data.