NLSH NLSH 1.3 - Improve accessibility of City and community programs to low and moderate-income residents and increase participation in services to eligible, income-qualified residents.

% of citizens responding very good/good - Fort Collins as a place of community acceptance of all people
  • This is an annual metric and is displaying 2019 data.  The survey was not done in 2020, so that year has been removed from the chart.
  • Community survey results were incorporated into the indicator report to better analyze this outcome as relates to other areas of disparity in the community.
Boards and Commissions Diversity Index

There are no changes to this item from the survey data collected in 2017 (shown below).  A survey was expected to go out in 2019/2020; however, this effort was delayed due to COVID and the reimagine boards and commissions project that just finished.  

This reflects data collected from spring, 2017 survey to then current boards and commission members. 211 total seats, 65% response rate. All demographics were captured with the exception of veteran's status, which will be collected in the future.

  • This is an annual measure; quarterly data is not available.
  • The City Clerk's office took ownership of this metric beginning in Q1 of 2019 and will be considering changes to this metric to address expressed issues/concerns.
  • The public participation equity subcommittee presented to ELT a report conducted on current boards and commissions representation.
  • The report utilized data gathered from a survey administered to then current representatives and identifies several potential barriers to increasing participation among several demographics.