SAFE SAFE 5.2 - Meet the expected level of core and specialized police services as the community grows.

Part 1 Crimes in Fort Collins (per 1,000 population)

NOTE: This metric is in the process of being updated due to a data reporting change by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and this change will be reflected as of Q2 2021.

  • This is a quarterly metric, currently reflecting Q3 2021 data.
  • Measuring the rate per 1000 residents provides a contextual way to view the amount of crime occurring while reflecting changes in the City's population over time.
  • Crime rates can fluctuate greatly when measured on a quarterly basis, due to seasonality and other factors. For this reason, Fort Collins Police Services compares the actual rates to expected normal ranges per quarter
% of citizens responding very good/good - Fort Collins as a safe place to live

  • This is an annual metric and is displaying 2019 data.  The survey was not done in 2020, so that year has been removed from the chart.
  • People's perception of safety is based upon many factors to include police, fire, utility, code compliance, and traffic services. 
  • The mission of Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS) is to "Make Fort Collins the safest city in the nation" and in 2019 instituted the following goals and initiatives to further that mission:
    • Crime Reduction
    • Traffic Safety
    • Community Engagement
  • The police assigned car plan acts as a force multiplier, increasing police presence in addition to substations, and foot/bike patrols. 
  • Together with other service areas, FCPS works to improve safety and the perception of safety.

Percent of Time Police Priority 1 Calls Responded to Within 5 Minutes 30 Seconds