TRAN T&M 6.1 - Improve safety for people using all modes of travel.

Voluntary Speed Compliance

  • This is a monthly metric, currently reflecting data through Sep 2021.
  • The source of this data is a third-party vendor that runs both the photo radar camera and the red light camera programs for our agency.
  • This output metric represents the percentage of vehicles recorded by the photo radar system in monitored 30 mph zones that comply with the posted speed limit.
  • The number of vehicles monitored each month can be impacted by several factors, including the amount of staff time used for deploying the photo radar vehicles, when and where they are deployed, as well as weather conditions.
  • During 2020, these numbers fluctuated somewhat more than usual.  Driving behaviors were impacted by pandemic restrictions and there were changes in how many people were on the roads, along with staffing availability for deployment of the camera radar vehicles.
  • The Traffic Unit has been deploying the camera radar vehicles in locations with high numbers of complaints.  During part of 2020, lower compliance rates corresponded to reported poor driving behavior and high numbers of citations issued by the camera radar program in these locations. 
  • The Traffic Unit is continuing to issue citations and provide education in the areas they're targeting and hope voluntary compliance will increase.
  • There can be several factors that led to the decrease in citations that were issued over these two months.  The compliance rates have fluctuated between 45% and 51% over the course of these two months.  The vans are deployed to historical complaint areas but if a new complaint is received the van will deploy to that area.  There have been occasions when the van deployed to a complaint area that did not produce the violations as described by the complainant.  This would lead to less citations issued and likely a change in the compliance percentage.  Depending on if the deployment occurred in the first half or second half of the month.  

Number of Injury/Fatal Crashes

  • This is a quarterly metric.  
  • Injury/Fatal crashes are the number of reported public street crashes involving motor vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians where someone was injured or killed. 
  • Injury/Fatal crashes were above target during Q3'21.       
  • The 97 injury/fatal crashes in Q3 '21 was greater than the previous 5-year average for Q3 of 94.

Average Speed on Neighborhood Streets

  • This is an annual metric and currently reflects 2021 data
  • Data is collected in October and November of each year.  
  • Average speed on neighborhood streets based on data collected annually on 40 residential streets in Fort Collins.  
  • Data collection for this measure began in 2006 when the average speed was calculated to be 28 mph.  28 mph has been used since as the "not to exceed" speed target.
Number of People Trained on Vehicle, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Safety

This metric tracks the cumulative number of people trained for safety in a variety of modes. The data collected is for:

  • All Safe Routes to School formal education
  • Transfort travel training
  • Drivers educated via Bicycle Friendly Driver
  • People receiving formal bicycle education via City programs

The past few quarters have been deeply impacted by COVID instituted restrictions on in-person teaching, and with school being mostly remote.  With restriction loosening all training has seen an increase.