Long-Term Homeless Exits and Entries

Desired Result:  Above Target

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Analysis of Performance

Note: This metric is reported one quarter in arrears since the data takes 8 weeks to be reported by a third party agency; current performance is based on the prior quarter's results.  The structure of this metric does not lend itself to display a target line.  The target for any quarter is that the # of Exits is greater than the # of Entries, which is visible on the chart.

  • This is a quarterly metric reported one quarter in arrears.
  • Data for Q1 and Q2 will both be available in Q3.
  • This is a continuation of a long-term trend: helping people escape homelessness, but the flow into long-term homelessness continues and there remains a significant backlog of individuals (about 250) who have never moved from the Housing First Initiative list. 
  • The gap between entries and exits is deceptively large:
    • People who are “discovered”—individuals who are added to the list but have already been homeless for at least six months in Fort Collins—are not in the same category as people who reach the six-month mark, slip back into homeless, or “reactivate” after a period of inactivity. 
  • In Q3 and Q4 2019, we “discovered” 41 individuals who had already been homeless for at least six months in Fort Collins. 
    • That “discovery” number represents more than half of the gap between entries/exits. 
  • If you remove the discoveries (since they were technically homeless for at least six months already), the gap between entries and exits is 35 across both quarters. That is probably a better representation of the rate in and out of long-term homelessness. 

Metric Definition
In partnership with Homeward 2020 and their data dashboard, this metric allows us to compare the number of people entering homelessness (actual result) versus the number of people exiting homelessness (target result) each quarter. Our goal is to make homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring. Homeward2020 Housing First Initiative Dashboard: http://www.homeward2020.org/data-dashboard/
Why Is This Important?
This is important because the data helps us understand who is experiencing homelessness and to deliver efficient services from our response system. It helps us understand unique categories of people in the system, know who is eligible for existing resources, and find opportunities for targeted services to fill gaps.
City Organization Impact on Performance

Medium – The City Organization has a medium impact on the performance of this metric due to the amount of resources committed to homelessness initiatives in general, and the Housing First Initiative specifically.

Benchmark Information
No applicable benchmarks—data and dashboard specific to Fort Collins, although we may set our own benchmarks in the future.