CR C&R 2.2 - Address critical park, recreation equipment and trail lifecycle and maintenance needs and continue the planned buildout of the system.

Recreation Programs - Number of activity enrollments for low-income participants

COVID restrictions in place during this period limited the class sizes and availability. Program offerings were limited based on budgetary concerns caused by the pandemic. Seasonal fluctuations related to activity enrollments occur in the summer with childcare programming and the fall with youth sports. Those increases will be reflected in future updates.

Recreation Programs - Number of scans for low-income reduced fee passes

As COVID-19 restrictions eased allowing higher building capacities, more reduced fee visits were recorded in Q1. As facilities continue to restore hours and days of week operations there will be a continued increase in pass scans for low-income participants. Recreation facilities are operating on reduced schedules because of budget impacts of the pandemic, which has lowered the anticipated target visits for 2021.