CR C&R 2.4 - Identify criteria, process and funding options to refresh neighborhood and community parks.

Lincoln Center - Total Cumulative Participation

In Q3 2022, The Lincoln Center held 89 event room days with approximately 9427 participants.

Museum of Discovery - Total Cumulative Participation

In Q3 2022, the museum hosted 27,568 guests, 2,770 of which were children ages 0-2. The museum welcomed visitors from 43 states, the District of Columbia and 55 visitors from 10 countries outside of the US.

Golf Courses - Total Cumulative Participation

Golf activity was strong in Q3 2022, after weather conditions were not conducive to play in January and February. A new golf system that allows online booking for tee times was implemented in March 2022.

Recreation Programs - Number of enrollments on opening day registration