CR CR 2.4 - Identify criteria, process, and funding options to revitalize neighborhood and community parks to meet modern design standards, per the newly adopted 2021 Parks and Recreation Plan.

Lincoln Center - Total Cumulative Participation

In Q4 2023, The Lincoln Center held 311 event room days with approximately 81,310 participants.

Museum of Discovery - Total Cumulative Participation

In Q4, the museum hosted 27,093 visits. The museum welcomed visitors from 43 states, District of Columbia, and 6 countries outside the United States. Coloradoans represented 84% of visitation and Fort Collins residents represented 45% of visitation.

Golf Courses - Total Cumulative Participation

Golf activity was under the quarterly target in Q1 2023 due to inclement weather throughout the spring. However, participation increased as the season continued and the weather improved.  After a busy summer and fall, we ended the year well above target.

Recreation Programs - Number of enrollments on opening day registration