CR C&R 2.4 - Identify criteria, process and funding options to refresh neighborhood and community parks.

Lincoln Center - Total Cumulative Participation

In Q2 2022, The Lincoln Center held 201 event room days with approximately 31,212 participants including sold out performances by Kenny Wayne Shepherd and George Lopez.

Museum of Discovery - Total Cumulative Participation

In Q2 2022, the museum hosted 25,670 guests, 2,539 of which were children ages 0-2. The museum welcomed visitors from 44 states, the District of Columbia and 9 countries outside of the US during Q2. Coloradoans represented 80 percent of visitation, with 16,639 visits from Larimer County residents (77 percent of these visits) and 12,772 visits form City of Fort Collins residents making up 50 percent of all Q2 visits.

Golf Courses - Total Cumulative Participation

Golf activity was strong in Q2 2022, after weather conditions were not conducive to play in January and February. A new golf system that allows online booking for tee times was implemented in March 2022.

Recreation Programs - Number of enrollments on opening day registration