Wastewater Treatment Effectiveness Rate (%)

Desired Result:  Above Target

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Analysis of Performance

The Mulberry Water Reclamation Facility failed Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing (WET) for QTR 2 2021. CDPHE has been notified and follow up action is taking place. 

The MWRF facility is undergoing accelerated WET testing in coordination with CDPHE. The facility must complete the testing for up to 5 weeks. Testing will cease if we pass 2 consecutive weeks or pass 3 of 5 weeks. Conversely, if we fail 2 consecutive tests or 3 of the five tests than we will move into a second phase called Toxicity Identification Evaluation testing with CDPHE. 

Metric Definition
The utility's compliance with the effluent quality standards in effect for the Water Reclamation and Biosolids Facilities. The indicator is expressed as the percent of time each year that an individual wastewater treatment facility is in full compliance with applicable effluent quality requirements.
Why Is This Important?
Regulatory compliance is important to protect the public and environmental health of Fort Collins.
City Organization Impact on Performance

High – The City has direct operational control of the wastewater treatment facilities, however the quality of the wastewater flowing into the facilities impacts the City's ability to meet regulatory requirements.

Benchmark Information
Benchmarking in process