Safe Community Performance Metrics

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Percent of Time Police Priority 1 Calls Responded to Within 5 Minutes 30 Seconds
This measure shows the percent of time that a Priority 1 call is responded to within 5 Minutes 30 Seconds. This time is measured from when the call is received to when the officer arrives at an emergency call, one that is an immediate threat to life, a felony-in-progress call, or a call where a weapon is being used.
55.00% 70.00% Q4 2018
Drinking Water Compliance Rate (% Days)
Fort Collins Utilities compliance with the drinking water quality standards in effect for the Water Treatment Facility. The indicator is expressed as the percent of time each year that an individual water treatment facility is in full compliance with applicable drinking water quality requirements.
100% 100% Q4 2018
Number of Injury/Fatal Crashes
Injury/Fatal crashes is the number of reported public street crashes involving motor vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians where someone was injured or killed. 
70 70 Q4 2018
Part 1 Crimes in Fort Collins (per 1,000 population)
Part 1 crimes are defined by the FBI as: Aggravated Assault, Arson, Auto Theft, Burglary, Homicide, Rape, Robbery, and Theft.
5.39 7.07 Q4 2018
Percent of Time Fire PFA Intercedes before Flashover (contained to room of origin)
This measure relates to the ability of on-scene firefighters and building sprinklers to prevent fire flashover and the spread of a structure fire.
89.00% 85.00% Q4 2018
Percent of Time PFA Fire Personnel are on Scene Within 6 Minutes 20 Seconds in the Urban Area
Fire response time measures the time elapsed from when the citizen/customer dials 911to when the first PFA personnel arrives on-scene. This data includes calls for emergencies in the urban response area of PFA. PFA's target is to respond within 6 minutes, 20 seconds at least 90% of the time. This is aligned with PFA's baseline performance goals under fire service accreditation.
80.00% Q4 2018