Transportation Performance Metrics

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Average Travel Speeds/Times on Arterial Streets
Traffic volume-weighted average travel times (in minutes/mile) on City arterial streets including Harmony, Horsetooth, Drake, Prospect, Mulberry, Taft Hill, Shields, College, Lemay and Timberline during the p.m. peak period on weekdays.
2.29 2.50 Q1 2020
Cumulative Lane Miles of Roadway Pavement Improved
The number of lane miles improved displays the City's commitment to providing safe, well-maintained streets.  Proper maintenance reduces future maintenance costs by extending the life of the pavement and maximizing our investments.  Quarterly targets are set to provide information on our progress towards meeting our yearly goals.  These targets vary from quarter to quarter due to weather limitations of the construction season. Achieving our yearly goals allows us to meet our overall street pavement condition Level of Service 'B' (LOS). The total number of lane miles improved annually increased significantly starting in 2011 due to the increased revenue dedicated to Street Maintenance and Repair in the Keep Fort Collins Great tax initiative in 2010.
0 0 Q1 2020
Transfort Ridership (in thousands)
The total number of fixed route passenger boardings. The target is a 5% increase in fixed route ridership over the previous year. The graph shows the actual fixed route passenger boardings each quarter (in thousands).
1,041 1,187 Q1 2020
Average # of Transfort riders per hour of operation
The average number of passengers who board a transit vehicle for every revenue hour of service that a vehicle is operating.
30.16 35.31 Q1 2020