CR C&R 2.3 - Create enhanced arts and culture participation opportunities for all residents and visitors.

Recreation Programs - Total Cumulative Participation

Participation in Q3 exceeded the quarterly target, however due to the impacts in Q1 from the pandemic the year to date cumulative total remains below the targeted amount. Participation in Q3 was boosted by favorable weather and visitation numbers at City Park Pool.

Natural Areas Programs - Cumulative Participation per Capita

This is a quarterly metric.

The Natural Areas Department provided engagement activities for 4,347 participants in Q3 of 2021, almost a 42% increase above target. Staff and volunteers were able to increase the Natural Areas presence at events like the Poudre River Festival and Kids in the Park, in addition to offering Trailhead Tabling at the recently reopened Bobcat Ridge Natural Area.

Paved Trails - Cumulative Number of Visits

  • This is a quarterly measure.
  • Trail counts in Q3 were even in 2021 vs. Q3 of 2020, as people continue to appreciate our trail system and visit in greater numbers than before the pandemic.
  • A new trail counter was installed at Fossil Creek Trail at Colleges Ave underpass (flooding concerns)

% of citizens responding very good/good quality of - Natural areas and open space
  • This is an annual metric and is displaying 2019 data.  The survey was not done in 2020, so that year has been removed from the chart.
  • This is an Annual Metric
  • This measure is the % of respondents choosing "Very Good" or "Good" to the Community Survey question, “Please rate the quality of each of the programs or facilities listed below” and “Natural Areas and Open Space.”
  • In 2019, 93% of respondents choose “Very Good” or “Good.”
  • Fort Collins’ ratings were much higher that the national average.

Natural Areas - Land Conservation - Acres per Capita

This is an Annual Metric.

Total land conserved in 2020 is 1,382.

Acres per Capita = 0.13848