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HR performance based on Internal Services survey
City Employee Cumulative Turnover Rate

  • In Q3, turnover was 9.13%, with a target of 7.5%. This metric includes all turnover, including retirement, voluntary resignations, and terminations. 
  • Comparatively, Q3 2020 was 9.21%. While overall turnover has dropped over the past few years in Q3, analysis is being done to identify where turnover is higher than expected.  Our newest team member is working on a City wide project on retention.
  • Hiring at The City continues to increase; 110 classified positions were filled in Q3.
  • We are not immune to the national trends happening where talent is leaving organizations in all sectors in higher numbers—the pressures on pay, COVID-19, development opportunities, and flexible work models are increasing.  Per SHRM, the national average for turnover currently is 20.1%.