HPG HPG 7.5 - Foster a culture of safety, well-being, resilience and sustainability across the City organization.

% of citizens responding very good/good to the City's performance in - Welcoming citizen involvement

  • This is an annual metric and is displaying 2019 data.  The survey was not done in 2020, so that year has been removed from the chart.
  • There was not a statistically significant change in rating from 2018 to 2019
  • 60% of respondents rated the City favorably which is higher than the national  and Front Range benchmarks
  • Due to COVID-19 budget impacts, the next survey is expected in 2021

Number of Citywide Volunteers

  • This is an annual metric.
  • This metric represents the number of volunteers for the City of Fort Collins, not community-wide volunteers.  The pandemic decreased the number of volunteers and conversely impacted the number of large, episodic projects, which comprise 74% of the City’s volunteer projects.

Number of Citywide Volunteer Hours

  • This is an annual metric.
  • This metric denotes volunteer hours for the City of Fort Collins, not community-wide volunteer hours.  While City departments were preparing for the 2020 volunteer season, the Pandemic interrupted and / or halted numerous plans, projects and events as City facilities closed; essentially decreasing or withdrawing the need for volunteers.

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