Homelessness Data, Chronic Homelessness, and # Chronic Homeless Housed

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Analysis of Performance

  • This is a quarterly metric.
  • The Northern Colorado Continuum of Care (NoCO CoC) reports all data to the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), so these numbers reflect more robust and complete data than was previously available (i.e. increases in numbers are expected as additional providers enter their client data in HMIS).
  • Data sourced from the HMIS lead agency, Homeward Alliance.
  • Total number of clients enrolled in HMIS across Fort Collins was 3,247 in Q4.
  • The total number of people experiencing chronic homelssness (6 months or more) was 706 during this reporting period.
  • 47 people experiencing chronic homelessness were exited into permanent housing.
  • Data is evaluated based on comparison to prior quarter.
  • The dashboard, and more detailed information on this data, can be found at https://tinyurl.com/mr8kr8rm.

Metric Definition
In partnership with Homeward Alliance, data for this metric comes from the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), which is utilized by agencies across the Northern Colorado Continuum of Care. https://www.nocococ.org/
Why Is This Important?
This is important because the data helps us understand who is experiencing homelessness and to deliver efficient services from our response system. It helps us understand unique categories of people in the system, know who is eligible for existing resources, and find opportunities for targeted services to fill gaps.
City Organization Impact on Performance

Medium – The City Organization has a medium impact on the performance of this metric due to the amount of resources committed to homelessness initiatives in general, and funding of the Homelessness Lead Specialist position specifically.

Benchmark Information
No applicable benchmarks—data and dashboard specific to Fort Collins, although we may set our own benchmarks in the future.