CR C&R 2.3 - Create enhanced arts and culture participation opportunities for all residents and visitors.

Recreation Programs - Total Cumulative Participation

Learn to swim, fitness and sports programs experienced stronger participation this quarter.

Natural Areas Programs - Cumulative Participation per Capita

This is a quarterly metric.

Natural Areas volunteers, staff and partners provided 125 activities for 4,458 people this quarter, which is above the target of 3,015 people. Trailhead tabling and Explorer activities (also known as community programs) were the most attended events. Community members enthusiastically attended programming. Many activities had full registration and waiting lists.

Paved Trails - Cumulative Number of Visits
  • This is a quarterly metric
  • Q2 2022 visits were lower than Q2 2021 (677,977 vs. 734,291) 
% of citizens responding very good/good quality of - Natural areas and open space

This is an annual measure.

In the 2021 Community Survey, 94% of participants ranked natural areas and open space  good or very good, which is higher than ratings in other Front Range communities. A highlight of the fourth quarter was selecting Katie Donahue as the new Natural Areas Director through an inclusive hiring process with over 100 participants. Additionally, the Natural Areas Department was recognized with two awards, the Starburst Award from the Colorado Lottery and the Blue Grama Award from Colorado Open Space Alliance. Both awards celebrated the City's collaboration with Larimer County Department of Natural Resources to conserve several large parcels of valuable land in the Laramie Foothills.

Natural Areas - Land Conservation - Acres per Capita

This is an Annual Metric.

Total land conserved in 2021 is 207 acres.

Acres per Capita = 0.1396     

 Soapstone Natural Area is excluded from this calculation.