Gardens on Spring Creek - Total Cumulative Participation

Desired Result:  Above Target

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Analysis of Performance

  • NOTE: Due to construction of the Visitor’s Center expansion project, the Gardens on Spring is fully closed through March 31, 2019.  
  • A partial opening of the new garden expansion will happen in April through fall, but no programming will occur during this time.  
  • The Gardens does not have a way to track visitation during this partial opening.  The Gardens is expected to fully open in fall 2019.

Metric Definition
The total number of participants at the Gardens on Spring Creek.
Why Is This Important?
This metric provides an indication of the popularity of these facilities which, in turn, indicates how well the facilities are meeting the needs of the community.
City Organization Impact on Performance

High – The Parks Department directly influences the number of particpants by providing a quality experience at the Gardens on Spring Creek. The Parks Department also influences particpation through marketing and outreach of these facilites.

Benchmark Information
Benchmarking in progress