Natural Areas Programs - Cumulative Participation per Capita

Desired Result:  Above Target

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Analysis of Performance

The target is to reach 5% of the Fort Collins population (171,100) each year, or 8,560 people annually. 

In the second quarter, Natural Areas staff and volunteers provided 128 activities for 2,984 people. Our year-to-date target is on track.

The wet weather this spring caused many activity cancellations. We have added additional programming opportunities to work towards catching up.

Metric Definition
The participants per capita attending Natural Areas programs.
Why Is This Important?
This metric provides an indication of the diversity and popularity of Natural Areas programs. Offering a wide range of popular programs is a hallmark of successful operation.
City Organization Impact on Performance

Medium – Natural Areas influences this metric by providing a wide range of quality programs to community members. Participation numbers are also influenced by marketing and outreach.

Benchmark Information
This metric contains benchmark data for Colorado open space agencies that have similar educational programs, voter approved tax funding, land conservation missions, and community demographics. Fort Collins compares itself to county-wide programs because municipal open space programs are very rare.