City Employee Cumulative Turnover Rate

Desired Result:  Below Target

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Analysis of Performance

  • This is a quarterly metric.
  • In Q1, turnover was 3.4%, with a target of 2.5%. This metric includes all turnover, including retirement, voluntary resignations, and terminations.
  • In Q1 of 2021, turnover was 2.23% 
  • We are not immune to the national trends happening where talent is leaving organizations in all sectors in higher numbers—the pressures on pay, COVID-19, development opportunities, and flexible work models are increasing. 
  • Ninety-three position offers were made in Q1, helping to provide new talent and relief to staff who have shared burnout. 

  • The Future of work project is launching roadshows in May to educate leaders on the new policy. In addition, four other workstreams continue their work.
  • BFO offers include more recruitment professionals in Talent Acquisition. This will allow us to increase our active recruitment and support for managers.
  • BFO's offer includes a child care reimbursement. Unfortunately, 10% of Colorado residents quit or don’t take a job because of childcare challenges. During the pandemic, this challenge was heightened, and families in Larimer County reduced their work by 42% due to a lack of childcare.
  • Human Resources is not immune to turnover; we actively recruit and onboard new talent. 

Metric Definition
Turnover is a measure of the rate at which employees leave employment with the City. It includes classified and unclassified management employees and all separation reasons (layoffs, and voluntary and involuntary terminations). While turnover is typically measured annually, this report includes turnover reported on a year-to-date basis for each calendar year. The rate is calculated by dividing the total number of employees who separated year-to-date by the average headcount for that reporting period (quarters are cumulative).
Why Is This Important?
Turnover is an important measure for three primary reasons – cost (replacing an employee can cost as much as 200% of the annual compensation for the vacated position), business performance (continuity of operations, productivity) and ability to maintain a qualified workforce.
City Organization Impact on Performance

High – Turnover rate is directly related to the quality and continuity of service provided to citizens. The City is committed to being an employer of choice, however the rate at which employees leave City employment is impacted by factors such as job market, retirement, and personal lifestyle choices.

Benchmark Information
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