Economic Recovery

Economic impacts from the pandemic on businesses, employers and employees are still being felt throughout the community. In order to have robust economic recovery, both individuals and businesses must be supported.


  • Small businesses, creatives and nonprofits have the resources they need to thrive
  • Safe and stable employment, current and future
  • Equitable and affordable childcare is accessible

Recovery Project



Small Business Grants

Grants for small businesses impacted by the pandemic. Grants offered for stabilization, technical assistance and workforce development and talent acquisition.

     In Progress

     Spent to Date: $1,045,191

     Allocated: $1,060,000

# of Small Business Grants Awarded:


Multicultural Business and Entrepreneur Center

The Multicultural Business and Entrepreneur Center (MBEC) provides support, training and resources for local businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes, with specific focus on providing support for historically underserved community members. Learn More

This program has also been funded by ARPA dollars in the 2023-2024 budget.

     In Progress

     Spent to Date: $286,771

     Allocated: $1,336,006

# of Client Appointments:


# of Businesses Launched with MBEC Support:


Expanded Technical Assistance for Small Businesses

This program provides enhanced and expanded technical assistance to businesses and individuals navigating the development review process at the City.  Learn More

This program has also been funded by ARPA dollars in the 2023-2024 budget.


     In Progress

     Spent to Date: $89,295

     Allocated: $354,511

# of Businesses Provided Assistance for:


Advancing Accessible Permitting

Funds are being used to update the City’s permitting systems and technology to make it more accessible, efficient and easier to use for both customers and staff. 


     In Progress

     Spent to Date: $0

     Allocated: $158,000

Coming Soon

Capital Project Business Liaison

The Capital Project Business Liaison provides support to businesses affected by City construction projects, ensuring they have the information, resources and support they need both during the project and beyond. The position is also overseeing a Capital Project Assistance Grant Program. Many City of Fort Collins capital construction projects saw major supply chain issues and delays due to the pandemic, creating additional challenges for businesses located in construction areas. To support these impacted businesses, one-time grants are provided to businesses in impacted zones. 


     In Progress

     Spent to Date: $111,136

     Allocated: $275,000

Grants Awarded to Businesses Impacted by Construction:


For Fort Collins

The For Fort Collins campaign provides support to businesses impacted by the pandemic, connecting them to resources and promoting “shop local” messaging to encourage community members to support local businesses. Visit the For Fort Collins website.

     In Progress

     Spent to Date: $81,760

     Allocated: $190,000

Total # of Pageviews of For Fort Collins Website:


Economic Health Strategic Plan

Funds to develop an updated strategic plan for the Economic Health Office (EHO) to lay out a roadmap for long-term economic recovery efforts. The current Economic Strategic Plan does not reflect changing priorities and business needs from the pandemic. Having an updated plan means EHO will be better positioned to support businesses and the local economy during recovery and beyond. The Economic Health Strategic Plan will also include a focus on circular economy. More information about the Economic Health Office


     In Progress

     Spent to Date: $62,100

     Allocated: $100,000


Learning Loss Mitigation

Funds for nonprofits and other partner organizations to address student learning loss and related developmental setbacks on youth as a result of the pandemic. Funded projects include learning hubs, mentoring programs and child enrichment programing. View list of funded projects

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    In Progress

     Spent to Date: $320,708

     Allocated: $400,000

# of Students Served by these Programs:


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Childcare System Support

Funds for nonprofits and other local partner organizations to increase childcare programing and access.  View list of funded programs

This program has also been funded by ARPA dollars in the 2023-2024 budget.

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     Spent to Date: $170,000

      Allocated: $1,146,123

# of Children Served by these Programs:


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Childcare Space Modifications at Northside Aztlan Community Center

Funds are being use to upgrade childcare spaces at the Northside Aztlan Community Center which will allow additional children to be served through onsite youth programs. 



     Spent to Date: $7,240

      Allocated: $421,932

Coming Soon

Non-ARPA Projects

In addition to the many ARPA-funded programs that relate to the Recovery Theme of Economic Recovery, there are many other projects and programs supported by the City through non-ARPA funding that relate to the theme. 

About Recovery Dashboard

This dashboard is a snapshot of the Fort Collins community’s progress in achieving recovery as laid out in the Resilient Recovery Plan and includes projects funded by the City’s $28.1 million of federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF).

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  • Status: Defines if the project is complete, in progress or no started. Please note many projects in progress may not have spent funds but are in the planning and launching phases.
  • Spent to Date: Amount of funding spent on the project thus far.
  • Allocated: Amount of ARPA SLFRF dollars budgeted for a particular project.
  • Metric: Piece of data that demonstrates the outcome and impact of a project.


  • ARPA: American Rescue Plan Act, federal act passed in March 2021, established $1.9 trillion in COVID-19 relief funding. The City received $28.1M of ARPA funds in 2021.
  • ARPA Funds: ARPA Funds or American Rescue Plan Act Funds refers to the funds the City of Fort Collins has received from the federal American Rescue Plan Act. In the majority of cases, ARPA Funds is used as shorthand to refer to the $28.1 million SLFRF received by the City
  • SLFRF: State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). $360B was allocated via SLFRF to state and local governments to assist with recovery. The City of Fort Collins received $28.1 million SLFRF funds for pandemic response and recovery.

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