When asked about COVID-19 recovery, community members consistently indicated that physical and mental well-being are a priority and have been deeply impacted by the pandemic. By working to ensure overall health is valued, our community will be stronger and better able to recover.


  • Support clear and effective communication of public health orders
  • Enhance efforts to ensure basic needs are met in the community
  • Mental and physical health are valued as necessary and prevention-based

Recovery Project




Mental Health Response Team

ARPA funds were being used to build out this innovative co-response team, consisting of Police officers and UC Health clinicians who provide critical care to those experiencing mental and/or behavioral health issues. More information about the team.

As of 2023, the staff costs for program are now funded with non-ARPA funds. 

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In Progress

Spent to Date: $611,146

Allocated: $660,429*

*Amount lower than originally allocated. Program was able to meet needs at a lower cost than originally anticipated. 

# of Individuals Diverted from Jail and/or Emergency Department:


# of Calls Responded to:


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Municipal Court Services

This project supports the creation of teen diversion programs and additional resources for alternative sentencing options involving defendants with mental illness and/or substance use disorders. Funds have been used to launch a Restorative Traffic Circle program and to cover competency evaluations for Municipal Court clients. 

Competency Evaluation:  Funding covers the costs of competency evaluations for Municipal Court clients.

Restorative Traffic Circle: Teens and young adults (aged 21 and under) who have serious traffic infractions and misdemeanors work with court staff, first responders, family members and community members to learn about the impact of unsafe driving and are encouraged to be mindful of safer driving behaviors. If they successfully complete the program, their original charge(s) are dismissed.

In Progress

Spent to Date: $26,899

Allocated: $75,000

# of Restorative Traffic Circle Participants: 


# of Traffic Complaints Dismissed: 


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# of Competency Evaluations Completed: 


# of Charges Dismissed Through Evaluations: 


Social Services Recovery

This program provides grant funding to nonprofits and other local partners who support those most in need in the community. Funded projects include transportation and meal delivery for disabled and older adults, a mobile food pantry and a child abuse treatment program. Learn More

In Progress

Spent to Date: $134,792

Allocated: $150,000

Cumulative # of People Served Through Programs:


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Increased Funding for Reduced Fee Scholarship Program

The Reduced Feel Scholarship Program gives low-income, vulnerable and underserved community members access to recreation facilities, recreation programs and childcares services. This program is funded by ARPA dollars in both the 2022 and 2023-2024 budgets. Learn More

In Progress

Spent to Date: $100,000

Allocated: $300,000

# Recreation Reduced Fee Scholarships Awarded in 2022:


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This program has also been funded by ARPA dollars in the 2023-2024 budget.

NOTE: Spending and metrics for this project are reported annually and will be updated in March 2024. 

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*This number includes enrollments subsidized by ARPA dollars, state grants and reduced fee scholarships from Recreation. In 2021, when no ARPA funding was used to support the program, there were 5,680 enrollments.

Cultural Services Access Fund for Low-Income Residents

This program provides low-income households with access to cultural services across the City, including the Lincoln Center, Museum of Discovery and Gardens on Spring Creek. This program is funded by ARPA dollars in both the 2022 and 2023-2024 budgets.

This program has also been funded by ARPA dollars in the 2023-2024 budget.

NOTE: Spending and metrics for this project are reported annually and will be updated in March 2024. 

In Progress

Spent to Date: $166,774

Allocated: $485,000

Cumulative Number of Participants Funded by ARPA $ in 2022:


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Closed Projects

Poudre Fire Authority TecGen PPE Gear

TecGen51 gear is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that protects firefighters from exposure to bodily fluids, chemicals, COVID-19 variants, and other illnesses while on emergency calls. Having this gear allows first responders to do their job more safely.


Spent to Date: $137,946*

Allocated: $150,000

*Project completed under budget

# of Firefighters provided TecGen PPE:


Additional Information

Additional information about these ARPA-funded projects, along with all of the programs funded in the City’s 2023-2024 Budget can be found on the City’s Budget Website.

Non-ARPA Projects

In addition to the many ARPA-funded programs that relate to the Recovery Theme of Health, there are many other projects and programs supported by the City through non-ARPA funding that relate to the theme. 

About Recovery Dashboard

This dashboard is a snapshot of the Fort Collins community’s progress in achieving recovery as laid out in the Resilient Recovery Plan and includes projects funded by the City’s $28.1 million of federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF).

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  • Status: Defines if the project is complete, in progress or no started. Please note many projects in progress may not have spent funds but are in the planning and launching phases.
  • Spent to Date: Amount of funding spent on the project thus far.
  • Allocated: Amount of ARPA SLFRF dollars budgeted for a particular project.
  • Metric: Piece of data that demonstrates the outcome and impact of a project.


  • ARPA: American Rescue Plan Act, federal act passed in March 2021, established $1.9 trillion in COVID-19 relief funding. The City received $28.1M of ARPA funds in 2021.
  • ARPA Funds: ARPA Funds or American Rescue Plan Act Funds refers to the funds the City of Fort Collins has received from the federal American Rescue Plan Act. In the majority of cases, ARPA Funds is used as shorthand to refer to the $28.1 million SLFRF received by the City
  • SLFRF: State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). $360B was allocated via SLFRF to state and local governments to assist with recovery. The City of Fort Collins received $28.1 million SLFRF funds for pandemic response and recovery.

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